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I'm sharing everything on my journey turning side projects into startups. Join the community of makers getting ideas out of their heads and into the world:

From designer and startup mentor, Charbel Semaan

Make a difference and matter

"The act of making makes us human."
-IDEO, Made in the Future

You have an idea to prototype, a book to write, a masterpiece to create, a solution to a problem in the world, and we need it. We need you.

Designers, makers, and entrepreneurs have a unique role in creating positive, systemic, and long-term societal change.

We want our work to make a difference and matter. No matter how crazy our ideas may be.

After a decade of designing, marketing, and teaching at LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Stanford, and Silicon Valley startups, I decided to share all my side projects publicly to inspire more creation and innovation. As a dad, I believe the greatest gift I can share with my sons is a body of work that positively impacts people's lives.

That's why I created Made in Public.

Join the community today and show us what you got.

Charbel Semaan

Charbel Semaan and his wife.

What others say

Jenny Blake, NYT Best-Selling Author

Jenny Blake, NYT Best-Selling Author

"One of the most creative people I have ever met."

Grant Shellen, Content Strategist at Google

Grant Shellen, Content Strategist, Facebook

"His mind is always running, cranking out solutions to a wide variety of problems."

Ty Heath, Founder/CEO at Spectacled Marketer

Ty Heath, Global Agency Lead, LinkedIn

"One of the best minds in design thinking."

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