The act of making makes us human

I'm sharing everything on my journey getting ideas out of my head and into the world. Join the community of makers all over the world unleashing creative confidence and joy:

From designer and startup mentor, Charbel Semaan

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"The act of making makes us human." - IDEO

You have an idea to prototype, a book to write, a masterpiece to create, a solution to a problem in the world, and we need it. We need you.

Designers, makers, and entrepreneurs have a unique role in creating positive, systemic, and long-term societal change.

We want our work to make a difference and matter. No matter how crazy our ideas may be.

After a decade of designing, marketing, and teaching at LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Stanford, and Silicon Valley startups, I decided to share all my side projects publicly to inspire more creation and innovation. As a dad, I believe the greatest gift I can share with my sons is a body of work that positively impacts people's lives.

That's why I created Made in Public.

Join the community today and show us what you got.

Charbel Semaan

Charbel Semaan and his wife.

Kind words

Jenny Blake, NYT Best-Selling Author

Jenny Blake, NYT Best-Selling Author

"One of the most creative people I have ever met."

Grant Shellen, Content Strategist at Google

Grant Shellen, Content Strategist, Facebook

"His mind is always running, cranking out solutions to a wide variety of problems."

Ty Heath, Founder/CEO at Spectacled Marketer

Ty Heath, Global Agency Lead, LinkedIn

"One of the best minds in design thinking."

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